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Established in 1965, The IRA is the only Business Development organization of its kind We support government, industry and community interaction, as well as networking and philanthropic needs of the C5ISR family Our mission is to facilitate government and industry communication as well as community events that support national and local events.

Dec 08, 2021 · In 1983, dozens of Irish Republican Army prisoners broke out of the 'escape-proof' Maze prison. ... The IRA members then bound the guards, placed pillowcases over their heads and issued a warning ....


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Dec 13, 2021 · A Self Directed IRA custodian is one that will safe-keep your IRA investments. Most, but not all, Self Directed IRA custodians will allow for alternate investments. If you have a traditional IRA already through a bank, trust company or credit union, you know what a custodian is. They hold the assets in your IRA account.. Jul 15, 2015 · The Provisional Irish Republican Army, or IRA, was the best known of the conflict's paramilitary groups. ... Loyalists seethe at the presence in government of former IRA members turned politicians ....

Short clips from a Documentary in which the IRA sets out its aims and objectives 'This video is for educational purposes only and does not promote or encoura.

Over a decade ago, she was one of 26 former IRA members to give a series of interviews to Boston College, as part of its oral history research project into the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

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